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The best source of a company's reputation and integrity is from those who have first hand knowledge of it"

DR. T.  I want to express my deepest gratitude for helping my Mother.  After receiving a measly $60,000 or $70,000 for her hurricane claim and was told in no uncertain terms that that was all she would be paid,  a friend strongly recommended that I call you.  To watch you quickly take the claim to almost $300,000 was sweet.  But then to get that much again for the bad faith they committed against my Mother, only because you made sure that the necessary documents was timely filed, was beyond all expectations.

JACK W.  I could hardly believe it when you told me you had an ironclad offer of over $300,000 for just my house, when the best I could do with attorneys and other experts in twelve months was less than half of that.  You earn every dollar you charge.

C.J.  Having worked as an insurance adjuster for two insurance companies for many years, I assumed there would be no problems when I suffered a major loss to my residence.  I couldn’t believe it when I ran into problems with my company’s adjuster.  Even my agent who sold me this policy could not help me despite her many, many efforts.  I, of course, was very familiar with your reputation and wasted no time calling you.  Needless to say, not only were you quickly able to get the insurance company to “back off” on all of their contrary positions, but our ultimate settlement was much higher than we ever thought possible.  Once again, thank you.

DICK & RUTH C.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  I am completely overwhelmed with the amount of the settlement you have obtained.  As you know, my lawyer worked on my claim for six months, and we were only able to obtain an offer of $65,000.  When we countered their offer at $85,000, we were told they were not going to pay more than the $65,000.  My attorney recommended that we obtain your services, and how you negotiated a payment of $190,000 is absolutely amazing!

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CONVENIENCE STORE:  When a hurricane destroyed my gasoline pumps and canopy, my insurance company said that neither was covered.  It took some time and a lot of letters, but obtaining over $250,000 was a real lifesaver.  You did exactly the same for one of my friends who gave me your name and number.  I will always remember you and your dedicated help.

DR. H.  Tim, utter amazement is an understatement.  My insurance company offered me $6,000.  At mediation they raised it to $40,000, but we “impassed” because I valued the loss at $80,000.  Once they demanded appraisal, I immediately called you and shortly thereafter wondered if I did the right thing after they filed suit against me to compel appraisal, which you of course were resisting by telling them just what they could do with it.  How you got them to back off, meet you at the property, and then agree to pay me $175,000 the same day is beyond my comprehension.  You are the man.

FRANK R. It has really been a pleasure working with you.  As you know, I received several solicitations from public adjusters who offered me their services for less than what you charge.  Having heard extremely high recommendations from a business associate and my lawyer, I knew five minutes after I met you that you were the P.A. for me.  The saying, “you get what you pay for” is absolutely true.  You took what would have been an absolute maximum settlement of $400,000 and got me twice that.

ATTORNEY:   Your evaluation of an insurance claim is a true art.  Very few, if any, attorneys have gained the expertise you have in appraising and negotiating damage caused by fire.

JEFF  M.  When a fire destroyed my business, I knew I was about to deal with something I had no experience in.  I telephoned a good friend who had a fire the year before.  I asked him what he did and how he came out.  He said that he did not do well at all, but has since heard that there was a public adjuster named Tim Zeak whom he would call if he ever had another fire.  I decided to take his advice and not the advice of my agent, who told me not to even talk with you.  I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears the many “tricks” that the insurance adjuster tried to pull.  My own agent was even working against me.  My settlement was at least $200,000 higher than it would have been had I not hired you.

ATTORNEY:   I just wanted to call you to let you know you are worth your weight in gold.  I now know where to come whenever I have other clients who sustain a loss.  Thank you for a job well done.

BANK TRUST DEPARTMENT:  You certainly earned your fee on this one.  Several of us attorneys hassled for months with the insurance company and got nowhere.  How you were able to get four times more than they offered us, we’ll never know.

DEBRA J.  Thank you, Tim, for your help.  My insurance company said I wasn’t covered and even hired an attorney to fight me.  Without your many letters and personal communication with the Chairman of the Board, I know I would not have gotten a dime.  My own lawyer didn’t even think I had a case, but you did and got me over $100,000.  I love you.

FACTORY OWNER:  After having a division completely shut down, we fought the insurance company for nearly a whole year over our loss of income claim. They hired a “hot shot” CPA who declared that the loss netted us a gain and not a loss.  After a dozen letters, faxes, and meetings, which made little progress, we appreciated your initiative to personally visit the Senior Executive Vice-President at the home office which obtained major concessions.  That resulted in a loss of income settlement of over $200,000 even though they originally said we did not have a dime coming.  My advice to anyone--don’t handle your own claim.  Even my agent, who tried very hard to help us and who is a very close friend, was not able to help.

JACK & VIRGINIA M.  When we experienced a house fire, I thought we were lucky to have a personal friend of ours assigned as our insurance adjuster.  In fact, my husband had played cards with him every Saturday night for years.  But when you were referred to us the 2nd time, we figured we should call you.  And now, we are so glad we did.  You nearly doubled our settlement.  I realized that our friendship with the adjuster meant very little, since his company had his hands so tied that he seemed afraid for his job. Even though we all know he was trying to be fair, his views were all one-sided.  I was literally shocked.  Thank you so very much.

KENT S.  As an insurance agent, I really didn’t think I would have a problem settling my loss.  Boy was I naive.  The outcome you achieved more than doubled what they had originally paid me, which they had said was my final settlement.

The following is an instant reply from our HOME PAGE, but which made the “highlight film”:

A Word from our President, to our Readers...

It is our hope that this web site will be an asset and tool to assist consumers in obtaining fair settlements.

While most insurance company adjusters try to be fair and are decent human beings, the fact is, no person can serve two masters.  It is very easy and very common for even the most honest adjusters to underpay a claim by 50%.  The State of Florida in their OPPAGA REPORT (a completely unbiased government department) proves that public adjusters obtain settlements of over 500% on average on claims against Citizens.  We find some other companies that try to pay even less. The reasons can be poor training, (sometimes intentionally poor training), too heavy of a case load, a bureaucracy that is motivated by profit, or very poor if any supervision.  Regarding the small percentage of adjusters who will lie, cheat, and even frame someone of a crime they know was not committed; being aware of some of their "tricks" and methods is absolutely imperative.

If we may help, even in a small way, to "even the odds" by exposing the "real world," we will consider our time, energy and money well spent in this endeavor.


We wish we could guarantee perfection, but we cannot.  We do, however, promise to work very hard and to keep a standard that is very high.  We take our responsibility very seriously, and when we combine hard work with high standards, and of course our vast experience, they produce tremendous results.  Just a few of our recent results will speak for themselves.

Our client from Lakeland was paid $350,000 and told he had to grout.  The job was a complete disaster.   Shortly thereafter the company demanded that he either agree with them or go to appraisal.  We said absolutely no to any sham appraisal demand.  We obtained a total settlement of $1,600,000, which was double the policy limits without an attorney and without going through their sham appraisal process.

An insurance company denied a claim in Safety Harbor We obtained a settlement for $358,000.

An insurance company denied a claim in Hudson We obtained a settlement for $318,500.

An insurance company offered $30,000 on a claim in New Port Richey and said they would pay no more until our client grouted.  We obtained a settlement for $240,000 without an attorney and without grouting.

An insurance company denied a claim in Spring Hill.  We obtained a settlement for $200,000.

An insurance company denied a claim in Spring Hill.  We obtained a settlement for $220,000.

An insurance company denied a claim in Lakeland.  We obtained a settlement for $405,000.

An insurance company offered a client in Largo $20,300 and said they would pay nothing more until the client grouted.  We settled for $160,000 without having to grout, and we are now suing for bad faith.

A Brooksville client was accused of filing their claim late.  After nearly a year, the company still had paid nothing and was even refusing to test.  The company had offered nothing.  We obtained a partial advance of almost $1,000,000 with the real prospects of collecting 10 times that amount in the near future.  The company is finally testing and has agreed to honor the claim.  A potential lawsuit for bad faith after everything is paid is a real possibility.  We have it all nicely documented.

A company offered a client in Deltona $19,000 and said all other damages were excluded.  We obtained a settlement for over $300,000 and then obtained another $400,000 of additional money in bad faith after the $300,000 was paid.

A client in Port Charlotte was offered $120,000 by their insurance company.  We obtained a final settlement of just under $4,500,000.

An insurance company told a client in Spring Hill that there was not even sinkhole coverage and denied the claim.  We obtained a settlement for $240,000.

An insurance company denied a claim in Spring Hill.  We obtained a settlement for $200,000.

An insurance company denied a claim in Spring Hill.  We obtained a settlement for $242,000.

An insurance company denied a claim in New Port Richey.  We obtained a settlement for $150,000.

An insurance company offered a client in Lake Wales $150,000.  The company played hardball and demanded that our client be forced into the appraisal process.  We warned them that they were making a mistake, and if they did not back off, they were buying a lawsuit for bad faith.  They did not back off, and we went to appraisal and obtained an award of $420,000, which the company paid.  We then filed suit for bad faith and got an additional $300,000.

An insurance company denied a claim in Jacksonville We obtained a settlement for double the policy limits.

An insurance company denied a claim in Lake Mary.  We obtained a settlement for $460,000.  This was more than double their policy limits.

While we try to get along with companies and resolve any dispute on a professional and cordial basis, our motto is, “Pay us nice, or pay us twice.”  We take our responsibility to our clients very seriously, and if they are not treated right, we want them to be compensated for the abuse and mistreatment they sustained.  We are not intimidated by these big money companies or their high-powered law firms.  We know if we do the right things and document the issues appropriately, we almost always will be conducting negotiations from a position of strength.  Not one of the above cases needed a trial.  Far less than 1% of our claims ever do.  That may be unprecedented.  31 years of experience and hard work almost always pays off.

Tim Zeak, President

Florida License # E003901
31 years of dedicated experience

Florida’s Premier Sinkhole Public Adjusters
“Making the odds even”